ProfessNet company has been uninterruptedly operating on the ICT market for over 8 years by building experience through participation in many prestigious projects

The company’s goal is to build a competitive advantage for our clients by constantly improving the quality of provided services and ensuring the maintenance of all components for IT environments, with particular emphasis on critical business systems. Continuous development, certification and participation in training cause that our team, both technical and sales, are able to address our clients with the best solutions available on the market or, while carrying out the project, provide fully personalized products that best fit the needs and activities of customers.

We help over 50 companies to achieve their business goals through IT solutions and delivered support.
We take the time to understand the needs of customers, how to use technology and prepare recommendations to ensure that technology will help to succeed
We work proactively to ensure that technology will always support business so that when it is required, we react in a very short time.
Data availability and security are a priority for us. That is why we protect companies against cyberattacks and implement reliable solutions for backup and recovery of environments in crisis situations.

Stable growth, building competencies and providing unique added value on the market have resulted in a large group of clients making ProfessNet a stable partner.

Thanks to the many types of service models we provide, you can choose the strategy that best suits your type of business. Consequently, we will provide your business with the required continuity and security regardless of location and time zone.

Flexibility Availability
We adjust services and price structure to each type of requirements and IT budget. We are able to provide demand for availability in the 8/5 or 24/7 mode. Support is provided in Polish and English.
Background Regional availability
We have knowledge of broad technology, solutions, and tools, thanks to which we provide experience and high quality. We are able to ensure a presence in countries in Europe and beyond.