ProfessNet has been providing IT outsourcing services for companies and institutions that want to reduce the costs of IT services for many years. We provide proven IT solutions customised to individual needs for companies from various sectors of the economy and business. The outsourcing solutions we propose help clients carry out activities that increase their competitive advantage through access to the most modern solutions, technologies and know-how provided by a team of experts with many years of experience.

Our services in the IT outsourcing model usually include full end user support (Service Desk and Job Support), LAN / WAN network administration, server infrastructure, and security infrastructure, as well as IT process management in accordance with good practices and the latest recommendations (e.g. ITIL) and agreed SLA parameters. ProfessNet also provides services related to advanced server, matrix and database solutions, so with those key business critical systems, which are also the most demanding in terms of availability and reliability. Adjusting to the specifics of our clients' activities, we provide services remotely and directly in client locations. Additionally, thanks to the outsourcing of IT services, the client does not have to hire, train and maintain experienced IT specialists. Companies that directly use the supplier's knowledge and skills can focus on their basic business goals. At the same time, they do not incur personnel costs, training, replacements or other issues related to the maintenance of their own staff. Securing the continuity of IT infrastructure work rests on the service provider's shoulders. Therefore, it is a safe and economical solution. Thanks to specialization and training, our team will also be able to maintain currently used by our clients’ software, such as RAKS, Asseco, Sage, Comarch, Enova365, VMware, Citrix, RedHat, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, HPE, ManageEngine and others.


- Constant contact and support in crisis situations in 24h/7 mode
- Lower operating costs
- Short service execution time
- Support and care from experienced specialists
- High quality of services
- Access to the client's panel with the status of reported incidents
- Uninterrupted support for critical infrastructure components
- Access to specialist knowledge, modern technologies and know-how



- Administration of IT resources
- Support for end users in the area of used software (Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mail, etc.)
- Designing the hardware configuration for complex design requirements
- Support for virtualized environments
- Managing the level of rights to network resources
- Management of Active Directory objects
- Installation and configuration of server and client hardware
- Constant supervision over the performance of systems and networks that minimise downtimes in service availability
- Maintenance of solutions that increase the level of security
- Installation of security patches on operating systems and network devices
- Managing computer networks and optimizing their performance
- Designing, implementation, and maintenance of WAN / LAN / WLAN networks
- Advising and planning the expansion and modernization of the network, including network traffic statistics
- Designing and maintaining networks requiring high availability (HA)
- Customizing the configuration of database servers that affect performance and their security
- Maintenance of matrix systems (DAS / NAS / SAN)
- Management and configuration of load balancers

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ProfessNet provides technical support department 24/7 through our Help Desk system. We help our clients solve problems by email, phone or on-site at the customer's premises. Through the use of monitoring systems and relevant management, our Help Desk support services allow for efficient and effective troubleshooting.

Our IT services include diagnosing, repairing and expanding IT equipment, data migration between workstations end with configuration, solving and maintenance of applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 365 etc. We also specialize in removing malware, spyware, ransomware, and viruses. Our services will allow your employees to focus on their work and increase productivity.


Our remote monitoring and automated software management services will allow tracking the history of all reported problems and thanks that identify trends of applications for long-term investment plans. Professional Help Desk notification system will also provide employees with an appropriate level of prioritizing registrations and being up to date with the status of cases carried out by our entire IT support department.

Our solutions and professionalism of provided services ensure cost effectiveness for client budgets and eliminate the unnecessary need to extend the time of services provided through commuting, enabling us to be available in a very short time whenever you need us.



Fast and effective solving of IT-related problems. Support is provided remotely and on site. We work 365 days a year and ensure multilingual customer service. We provide help also for specialized IT systems.


Users and owners of ICT systems who are interested in answering the question if the system or infrastructure used by them are safe should consider using the services of a specialized company that will be able to objectively conduct the analysis of the level of enterprise security in whole or in part.

The ProfessNet team deals with audit activities based on determining the real level of security. These activities consist in carrying out a number of activities ranging from analysis and ending with a reliable description of detected vulnerabilities or possible configuration deficiencies and recommendations, the implementation of which improves the security level of the entire organization.


- Network infrastructure
- High-Availability systems
- Backup and archiving systems
- Reviews of current policies and procedures
- Audit of tasks performed by IT departments
- Emergency power supply systems
- Access controls
- Permissions for network resources
- The vulnerability of operating systems
- Virtualization solutions
- Monitoring systems,

Audits are carried out at the client's headquarters throughout the whole country. We provide professional organization and high-quality substantive support.


For many years our team has been building competencies in the areas of cloud solutions from manufacturers such as Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon and many other vendors specializing in this field. ProfessNet uninterruptedly participates in many different migration and maintenance projects for various infrastructure sizes. Therefore, undoubtedly ProfessNet is a proven supplier that advises clients in the selection of the most appropriate partner for cloud services or is able to plan and lead the migration of our clients' entire or partial IT environment.

Thanks to our experience and specialized knowledge and partnership, we represent clients in negotiations, cost optimizations and take active participation in servicing infrastructure environments of clients. That means we are able to generate reports and resource utilization analyses on a regular basis, which translates into cost and performance optimization for production information systems. Thanks to our services, clients gain real savings and security for the most critical elements of environments and IT services.



- Network infrastructure
- High-Availability systems
- Backup and archiving systems
- Reviews of current policies and procedures
- Audit of tasks performed by IT departments
- Emergency power supply systems
- Access controls
- Permissions for network resources
- The vulnerability of operating systems
- Virtualization solutions
- Monitoring systems,

Audits are carried out at the client's headquarters throughout the whole country. We provide professional organization and high-quality substantive support.


Many years of experience in running complex IT projects has resulted in the development of knowledge and skills in managing and efficient in conducting the projects by our consultants and project managers. Thanks to this, our experience allows us to ensure advisory and consulting services that support the development of infrastructure and software supporting clients’ projects. We provide specialist support for IT project management from initial analysis to its completion.


Projects based on the analysis of the provisions of contracts with suppliers or subcontractors,

Projects related to the development of ICT infrastructure,

Projects for the development of IT environments and the implementation of security policies, etc.


Most areas of the company are usually supported by various IT systems, mostly from many suppliers. Our offer concerns comprehensive integration services ranging from advisory and consulting, delivery of services and solutions to training and maintenance. Thanks to our integration services, the client receives many benefits such as optimization of business processes or the unification of network, application or backup infrastructures. At the same time, through full independence towards producers, we can perform a reliable analysis that guarantees the customer the choice of optimal technology.


The goal of every implemented IT system should be effective support for the company. In order to do so, it is necessary to carry out and create a computerization strategy. The services provided by our team enable prediction of risks and effective implementation of the IT system. Our solid experience in realizing the business goals of our clients guarantees savings and high quality of services.


Defining the strategic assumptions of the IT system

Determination of computerization areas - analysis of business processes

Identification of information needs

Defining the IT system concept


We offer professional design of LAN network installation based on the latest system and hardware technologies. We implement the installation based on copper and optical wires. We guarantee the reliability of the connection and the best transmission parameters.


We specialize in the implementation of all elements of the ICT infrastructure, from designing the room to the server room, building the WAN / WLAN / LAN / VPN network, or providing and configuring active devices for wired and wireless networks such as routers, firewalls / NGFW, network switches, access points, i.e. critical infrastructure elements without which it would not be possible to transfer data quickly and safely between network points. Our team of qualified engineers and architects designs and implements solutions that ensure the highest security for critical services of enterprises. In the area of protection of the point of contact with the Internet network we use:


New generation devices which, in addition to filtering network traffic in layers 3 and 4 of the ISO / OSI model, additionally filter traffic in layer 7. Additional protection functions such as IPS allow deep analysis of data packets in both directions, which additionally increases security by reducing threats from the Internet. IPS allows to effectively protect the point of contact against various types (known or unknown) threats.

Subsequent mechanisms are SSL-inspection, DDoS Protection and Sandboxing.

Our solutions also protect workstations (terminals) against data leakage (Data Loss Prevention) or access to data located on hard disks, e.g. in case of theft or loss of hardware (Disk Encryption). Other implemented solutions are a group of client-server solutions protecting against malware on Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems and mobile platforms.

ProfessNet implements, reconfigures and maintains the most demanding infrastructure solutions such as servers, matrices, and security systems.

Our services include almost 10 years of uninterrupted deployments and building experience in the field of implementing ICT solutions, which is why we are able to provide services to the most demanding solutions and expectations of our clients.


Our professional team performs all kinds of computer hardware and software repairs (under warranty and after the warranty period). We serve both companies and institutions as well as individual clients.


diagnostics of computer hardware and software,
repair and maintenance of computers (including notebooks),
replacement of damaged accessories,
modernization of computer units and networks,
installation and maintenance of system software,
removal of viruses and Trojans,
data recovery from any media,
advice on the purchase of equipment,
installation and configuration of application software

We make every effort to ensure that the equipment is repaired to the highest standards. That is why so many demanding companies have entrusted us with monitoring the status of their equipment and software.


Thanks to cooperation with the largest hardware and software distributors in Poland, we are able to offer the highest quality products from renowned companies at attractive prices.

We provide consultancy in the selection of equipment and software taking into account customer needs.


servers, workstations (PCs, laptops),
hardware for computer networks (modems, routers, switches, cabling),
omputer components,
printers, scanners, multifunction devices,
data carriers (disks, memory cards, USB flash drives),
consumables for printers (original and substitutes),
Operating Systems,
anti-virus software,
office programs,
programs to support running a business (sales, warehouse, finance-accounting, payroll, CRM).

We make every effort to ensure that the equipment is repaired to the highest standards. That is why so many demanding companies have entrusted us with monitoring the status of their equipment and software.


We plan and prepare BCP and DRP plans to ensure business continuity, that is to provide operations despite the occurrence of crisis situations such as natural disasters, failures of key devices (servers, matrices, etc.) or erroneous activities of key personnel.

The business continuity plan (BCP) is designed to help the company in the event of disruptions in business operations. The occurrence of disturbances usually involves additional costs. To minimize losses, the document should include all the necessary steps to be taken and the schedule of operations, which will allow restarting the necessary resources, processes, and functions.

DRP - disaster recovery plan. It is a document that contains a cool calculation of the risk associated with data loss. It is based on the assumption that an unforeseen large-scale failure may occur at any time, which will result in a paralysis of the IT infrastructure and the entire enterprise.