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Microsoft O365 (Transformation of Work Style)

Client sector: IT


One of our clients who works in the IT sector has grown very quickly during the last few years and because of a lack of strict IT vision and planning, the organization used many different non-integrated solutions that were used to provide their solutions to the market and their clients. Incompatibility between the different solutions and the lack of collaborative tools decreased the potential and productivity of the entire company.

In addition, their IT staffers spent too much time administering business productivity systems that didn’t provide the modern, connected workplace that our client’s employees needed in order to compete in the marketplace.


Professnet fully migrated all the client’s resources like mailboxes, data, the company intranet portal, CRM, ERP, and other critical services to O365/Azure. The entire process took us a few weeks but because of deep analysis and planning, we could avoid disruptions or unavailability of services, so employees had access to their data without interruption during the migration process.

Currently, our client uses one integrated platform (Microsoft Office 365 and Azure) that allows them to satisfy consumer needs across the globe and helps them find a more advantageous position in the market.

Key benefits:

  • One unified management platform for IT department 
  • Better compatibility and less complexity 
  • Security improvement for all data and other IT resources
  • BYOD management